There has never been a better time to learn how to ride a motorcycle than today.  The Club is fully equipped to get you trained for your license and on the road in no time.


RMCJ training centre is located in Naur, Amman. The center is your go-to place to start once you have made the decision to ride. If you are a new rider, the centre will provide you with basics steps to ensure your safety in addition to training activities. With a little practice and a some of patience, you can master the basics of your bike and safely roam the wide open roads.


Training courses are not limited to beginners but also refresher sessions for experienced riders who have taken some time off from the thrill.


Whether you are a new rider or an experienced one you can get the needed backend work with RMCJ.  


RMCJ training centre will provide:

  • A facility equipped with all the requirements to complete the MSF Basic Rider Course (BRC) as well as the J-BRC 2+ advanced riding course.
  • MSF certified Rider Coaches
  • Certified MSF training Range with an area of 4000 m2
  • Well maintained 250 cc street bikes.
  • On ground and in class basic mental and physical motorcycle skills for riding.